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This natural remineralizing powder toothpaste protects and strengthens the enamel without fluoride and preservatives.


What's inside?


Siwak was traditionally used as a vegetable toothbrush in India and Africa. The stick of Siwak or Miswak has recognized purifying properties. According to research, Siwak contains antibacterial compounds helpful in cleaning the mouth, preventing cavities and gum problems, and mineral salts that are useful for strengthening enamel. 


Hydroxyapatite is the primary natural constituent of dental enamel (97%) and dentin (70%). Studies have shown the ability of hydroxyapatite to promote remineralization of the surface of teeth, making them smoother, more resistant, and whiter. Hydroxyapatite acts even in the absence of fluorine, supplying the enamel with calcium and phosphate ions necessary for its natural remineralization.


White clay (kaolin) is a soft abrasive. It gently purifies teeth without scratching them. It also neutralizes acid in the mouth. Acid can erode the dental enamel and increase the risk of developing tooth decay.


Xylitol we use is of 100% natural origin, and it's obtained from birch bark. This "Birch sugar" is used for oral care for its sweet taste and beneficial oral hygiene properties. Studies show that it reduces the appearance of cavities and fights bad breath by rebalancing the oral flora. 


1 oz.


This tooth powder is a Zero-Waste product. The bag is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

MINT Tooth Powder

  • Kaolin, Salvadora persica (Siwak) stem powder, Xylitol, Hydroxyapatite, Calcium carbonate, Menthol.

  • Dip your lightly moistened toothbrush into the powder, then brush your teeth as usual. 

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