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Naturally Made | Scientifically Blended

I’m Olly Lancaster, the founder of Leela Organics, the 100% natural skincare and baby care company and I have turned a life-long fascination with the transformative power of nature into a business. You see, when my daughter, Leela, was born with sensitive skin, no store-bought diaper rash cream brought her any relief—in fact, they all seemed to irritate her skin even more. So, I did what any mother with a background in chemistry and Ayurveda medicine would do, I created a natural diaper rash spray using simple ingredients. I shared it with other moms and voila, Leela Organics was born!


Although we, in the West, tend to think of chemistry and organic skincare as opposing forces, I like to think of Mother Nature as the first chemist. Consider how many plants have healing and soothing properties, for instance. Why not use the resources available to heal and support our bodies as our ancestors have done for thousands of years? 


As you might have guessed, I’m not your average chemist. Before I finished my degree, I would escape the harsh Russian winters of my youth by heading to India. I spent about four years altogether traveling and learning all about yoga as a lifestyle, Ayurveda (a holistic body healing art), and aromatherapy. I was hooked!


Now, as the owner of Leela Organics, I get to put all of my skills to use helping other moms, just like me. All of our products are naturally made and scientifically blended. Using simple, ingredients, I perfect the formulations for each and every product myself. Then we package and distribute our skincare and baby products around the world. 


If you’re ready to swap out baby care products with synthetic ingredients you can’t pronounce for ones with all-natural, simple ingredients that really work, give Leela a try. Your baby will thank you!

About Leela Organics:


Naturally made, Scientifically blended.


Using only the best organic ingredients, sustainably sourced from around the world.


Micro batches handcrafted in North Carolina.


Cruelty-free and environmentally friendly.


We plant one tree for every bottle sold!

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